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Another night, another standing ovation

Man of La Mancha just keeps getting better and better. Last night was the typical Thursday audience, people who really want to be there, even though they need to get up the next morning. One of my BASFA friends was in the front row, and I am pretty sure the executive admin from work was two seats over. I'll find out when I get to work.

Looking forward to seeing scendan and lady_leandra tonight (and I forget - is _oy_ coming too?). Anyway, wait for me after the show outside the front lobby main doors. Someone bring a camera, I'll get one of the cast to take a picture of us together.

Two more shows, and I can get a haircut. 

Edit add: Yup, it was Lori, the executive admin and Jane, one of our engineers in the front row. Admin sent email to the company local mailing list this morning:
FYI - Jane and I went to see "Man of La Mancha" last night and we have to say "it was absolutely fabulous". If you haven't gone yet - it's well worth it. The acting was exceptional with lots of humor, the singing outstanding and we're so glad we went. We had front row seats which when we got there were really Front Row Seats and we thought, hmmm we might be a little too close, but it actually was just fine. Looking forward to the next play Howard.
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