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T Minus 1 and Counting

Last night they recorded the show - two video cameras in the back row, fairly close together. I expect one was on a wide shot and the other was zoomed in, but I guess I'll have to wait till the DVD shows up. On balance it was one of our better shows, but there were some glaring (to the cast) errors. A couple of missed cues by the conductor left Don Q waiting, One of my lines came out of my mouth with different words than the script calls for, Don Q forgot one of my cue lines so he gave me the same line twice. The Padre completely blew his solo, forgot words, made other words up and had to invent a new rhyme. A pity because he has a beautiful tenor voice, and he worked very hard to get the song down and synced with the orchestra.

Before the show Sancho had asked me, in the scene after my solo, to snag some muslin strips (aka "bandages") which are left on the table, so I did, and then realized I had no pockets, and I needed both hands free to give something to Don Q later in that scene. So I stuffed them in my pants. After I crossed to Don Q and back again, the bandages started coming out the bottom of my pants leg. These pants have Velcro and snaps at the bottoms but I had gotten out of the habit of closing them. Luckily I was behind the table, so it wasn't too obvious to the audience that I was pulling stuff out of the bottom of my pants leg. Backstage the rest of the strips found their way out by themselves.

My song, Knight of the Woeful Countenance, went well. Impossible Dream brought down the house. One of the things I will miss is standing in the wings when that thunderous applause breaks. There are few moments in theater which combine inspiring words, uplifting music and a sympathetic character the way this song does, and when it is delivered in a strong, clear voice by a thoroughly Good Person™ like Walter, there is nothing for it but to stand up and cheer.

Curtain call got me a little surge of applause, everyone gave Walter a standing ovation. We probably could have taken several more bows, but one thing I'm glad howbearca did when he set the curtain call is he gave us just the right amount of bows that the audience is still applauding when the curtain comes down. And it's a nice tableau that the audience has etched in as their final memory of the show.

scendan, _oy_, lady_leandra and her sister (whose name I didn't catch) were waiting for me, and we got Sancho to take a couple of photos of us together on their cameras, and _oy_ took a few of her own. It was so wunnerful to see and hug them all, and that they came all that way on a Friday. Wow. It's even more of a thrill because all four of them are charming, beautiful, intelligent women whose first impression for me is "Mommy, I want one!" This was my first time meeting lady_leandra's sister, and I thank Jean for springing her from the California State Home  for the Adorable.
Finally got to a cast party. Melinda, the belly dancer, hosted and she and a couple of friends put together a fantastic spread. Everything from the obligatory deviled eggs to lasagna, cold cuts, garlic bread, mini cupcakes, cheeses, seafood salad, oreos topped with cream cheese and a chocolate-dipped strawberry slice. Her specialty is apple martinis, which folks enjoyed. I don't usually drink at parties because it takes very little alcohol to put me to sleep, and I don't like the taste anyway. But some people got pleasantly buzzed. I learned way more than I needed to know about the aftermath of gastric bypass surgery, for instance. It was a pretty quiet party when I left at 1 am, with a group out by the pool and another in the kitchen. The hostess was disappointed that more people didn't show up, and things didn't get rowdy at all. We suggested she dance topless on the table, but she just wasn't feeling it. Pity.
Vegging today. The only thing I need to do is change the litterbox. I may go to PetSmart for a male betta and a female gourami and some aquarium plants. And I suppose I should buy more cat food too.

Closing night tonight, I will be writing a notice from The Governor on Jokes We Will Not Play, and handing out certificates to the cast. We strike the set after the show.
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