Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long day

Did not get the car washed - combination of bad timing and not having a coupon handy. Other than that it was a full day.

Took out the garbage, cleaned out the car, transferred all the MOLM mementos to a pile by the bedroom night stand, where they will go into a nearby tub which has all my scripts, flyers, posters and such. Plucked the photos of myself from the official CD for later webberization. Transferred the photos I took at strike from the phone to the PC for ditto. Webberized all the pre-show photos I took this weekend, they are viewable at my gallery site.

Located a new Thai masseuse and made an appointment. Scooped three dead tiger barbs and a dead bala shark out of the tank, and re-connected the air pump which somehow had fallen to the floor sometime yesterday, disconnecting the tubes.

Went to the bank and deposited the check for $1.34 from Toyota, which was how much I'd over-paid my loan when I paid it off (early) last month. Got cash while I was at it.

Went for the massage, she was okay, she had some "bo-rahn" training (that's the ancient massage technique which I believe was later adopted by the Spanish Inquisition) and did a good job of faking the stuff she didn't know. Tiny young woman, maybe 25-ish, from Pitsanuloke, a province upcountry not far from where I had my Peace Corps language training.  She spoke English pretty well, and we kept the Thai to a minimum because she's studying for an ESL test.

On the way home I did a major oriental food shopping stop at Lion by 85 & Saratoga. Now I know where to buy chicken gizzards & hearts -none of the chains carry them anymore. Picked up a couple of items I have never tried before, more on that when I cook them up.

Watched the first Dr Who series 4 DVD, three episodes. I know Catherine Tate is World Famous and all that, but I rate her the Worst Companion Evah. I see from IMDB I will not be getting my wish any time soon of her character dying a quick but embarrassing and painful death. Like from an overdose of Imodium taken to combat some trans-galactic form of Montezuma's Revenge. While I enjoyed the core plots of all three episodes, I am sad to say the series has to too many gratuitous battle scenes which are over-long, serve little purpose other than to mindlessly fill time - with the only advantage being they support a significant number of Cardiff's thespian and stunt person population in the process.

Home ~ 2-ish to wait for the recliner delivery
Back to work
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