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Desperado and Hotel California

I didn't like Hotel California when it first came out. I didn't like the sound of the singer's voice, the semi-dark tone of the music, the guitar riffs which at the time sounded to me like just so much noise.

And it was so unlike Desperado, which I thought The Eagles did better than anyone else when they put it on their album in 1973. I guess that figures - when I looked up the songwriter credits, it's by Don Henley & Glen Frey, two of Eagles' members. Peaceful Easy Feeling was on their 1972 album, it made good background music.

I was living in Thailand in 1975 when their One of These Nights album came out. I didn't like the title song much, but I couldn't get enough of Lyin' Eyes, which was on every juke box in Bangkok. Every time I heard it, it sounded like the US of A to me. A waving American flag would pop up in my mind when I heard that tune. I also loved Take It To The Limit, though I don't think I actually heard that tune till I got back to the States.

Hotel California came out in 1976, the title song of another album which was released when I lived in Thailand. The only tune on that album I had any interest, and it wasn't much, was New Kid In Town.

Times change, tastes change. Yesterday on the commute to work, Hotel California came on the radio, and I actually listened to the lyrics this time. Pretty clever, some of them. And the dark music fit the words. And so did the singer's reedy voice. It must be Ka, this morning the last tune on the radio as I pulled into the parking lot was Desperado.

I still don't like Witchy Woman which my warped brain always translates into "Windshade Woman". But I still like Tequila Sunrise for some reason I can't figure out.

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