Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mechanically inclined

Went home at noon just in case UPS sent the early truck, but didn't expect them to actually show up till 3. It was 3:30 when the recliner arrived. Also a replacement for my Garmin Nuvi. That was a surprise, those folks are crappy about communicating RMA info. Last time they sent just a refurb unit in a small box, this time they sent a brand new one in a retail box. I guess they don't do refurbs when a customer has had two units fail. Of course my two failed on the only two moving parts they have - the power button and the audio jack.

The recliner came in two boxes, as advertised. The seat and legs were in one box, seat was wrapped in some kind of protective fabric and packed inside a plastic bag. The back was in the other box, similarly wrapped. It was an easy matter to screw in the legs and slide the back onto its rails. The back is much shorter than I expected, not nearly as comfortable sitting upright as the old recliner. But it's wider, and the material feels nicer. After I set it up and collapsed the boxes, I drove back to work. BASFA tonight, when I get home I expect at least one cat on the recliner.

Now both old broken recliners are on the patio. Time to call 1-800-got-junk, I think.

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