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My Reclining Years

Figured out why the recliner was so uncomfortable - I'd installed the back backwards. For some strange reason, they put the pillow-like structure on the rear of the unit. The clue was a piece of cloth with a Velcro strip which was on the seat instead of behind it. You had to be there. Fixed it when I got back from BASFA, so now I have a chair which is very comfortable to sit in, but not to eat in. I may have to learn to eat reclining.

Stayed late at work setting up a test - someone had disconnected my two satellite feeds and connected them both to the same dead feed. Took me an hour to figure it out, since we generally don't mess around with other people's gear, and I rarely look at the hardware (do the tests remotely from my desk). After that was fixed, the test I'd been trying to run most of Friday afternoon and all of today did work.

BASFA was fun, a lot of energy tonight. Maybe too much energy - very often I couoldn 't hear the person who had the floor due to the cross conversations. Auctioneer hasn't grasped the concept that pairing a valuable item with a piece of trash, especially a large piece of trash, lowers the bid amount dramatically. A CD which probably would have gone for several dollars, and a jar of home made preserves which also would have fetched a dollar or three went for 25 cents when paired with a box of videotapes. Must talk to him about this.

Uploaded my favorite places to the replacement Garmin and updated the software, except they need to give me a new product key for the 2009 maps, as those were installed on the RMAed one and they only allow one update per.
Tomorrow: Work, then nothing planned.

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