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Algis Budrys was reported on many blogs to have passed away yesterday, but I can find no authoritative reports of his death. CNN, NY Times, non-blog sources in Google and Yahoo search engines, Wikipedia and imdb all come up empty. If anyone can point me to a reliable non-blog source, please do.

Yesterday Sen. Kucinich has read articles of impeachment against Bush. BFHD. A totally useless gesture at this point in time, and points up his cowardice for not doing this to launch his campaign for President. If the media are not playing this up, it's because it's not newsworthy.

Republicans have blocked legislation which would have placed a windfall profit tax on the oil companies and halted some of their subsidies. Good. Punishing the oil companies with a tax is stupid. Punish them with price controls, price rollbacks and mandatory refunds to consumers instead. And clamp down on those greedy speculators - shut down to oil futures markets.

spacekatgal is back, recovering from what sounds like a very painful surgery. Think good thoughts her way, she'll continue to need them for a while.

Why is the media still covering the Szechuan earthquake? Are we that desperate for bad news?

I'm still curious to find out which Terry Pratchett book Robert Asprin was reading when he passed away.

Solved the Garmin map problem - when I registered the replacement unit online, they gave a free upgrade product code which worked with the installation DVD. Took about 90 minutes to load, but now it's done. Now my maps are only a year out of date. They still show a couple of Dennys locations which died last year.

If you're a Giants baseball fan, you might want to go out of your way to vote for Bengie Molina for the all stars game.
Lunch time.

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