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Louis Gossett Jr? Really?

This evening's DVD was the original A Raisin in the Sun, which I had never seen before though both the book and movie were required for classes I took in high school and college. I'm sorry I waited this long, though maybe back then I would not have appreciated the acting. I rented it because I was impressed by something I saw Ruby Dee in, I forget now what it was. Maybe just a talk show interview. I know it was the film which put Sidney Poitier on the map, but boy was I surprised when the credits rolled after the film to see that the skinny, unattractive, dull, boring suitor was played by Louis Gossett Jr. There's someone who has changed for the better in a big way.

Claudia McNeil put in a powerful performance as the family matriarch. The screenplay is not as well written as it could be, massive too-long monologues and a lot of over-acting was required to make it work. But the underlying story and big finish justified the roller coaster ride it took to get there.
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