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Quick break

Did a lot so far today, more to do. So far:
  • PO, picked up package
  • CRC, dropped off Lynn's three PCs for recycling
  • Got Manicured
  • Amtrak, picked up tickets & parking pass
  • Car wash
  • Rite Aid, bought large trash bags
  • Home, filled trash bags with old clothes and bedding
Will bring the clothes and a couple of vacuum cleaners to Goodwill as soon as I finish writing this. The final chore for the day is to break down about three months' worth of boxes from online purchases and haul them out to the cardboard recycle dumpster. I'll put off the bike tire pumping till tomorrow, I think.

Started the Asprin/Evans novel Time Scout. Too soon to tell but so far it lacks the Asprin flair. Only one pun so far, not meant to be funny, and it's in Latin. I'm sure things will pick up soon.

Edit Add: Goodwill, check. Boxes, check. Watched 80% of The Last King of Scotland when it got needlessly graphic and was heading for Entebbe, I popped the DVD out.

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