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Didn't do much today, stayed in bed a little later than usual because Domino hunkered down next to my head and revved up her purr engine, something she does randomly maybe twice a month.

Visited a couple of friends, went to Frankie Johnny & Luigi's Too and had the worst lasagna and most overpriced, over-whip-creamed tiramisu evah. Visited more friends, and am in Starbucks waiting for yet another friend. I still haven't done the laundry. But I did strip the bed and flip the mattress both horizontally and vertically. And thought again that it's time to move somewhere which has a washer and dryer.

Today, unannounced, Starbucks' web page finally added the link which gives 2 hours a day of free AT&T wifi for registered Starbucks Card users. So this is coming to you from A&T wifi at the local Starbucks. I think I can now ditch my T-mobile account. Will see after the trip to Seattle.

Asprin's Time Scout has indeed become readable, however it still lacks the trademark puns and instead is creating solid characters. Not a bad trade-off.

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