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Busy @ Work, so briefly

Joyous natal day, kalanasse!

The Coast Starlight was running within 5 minutes of on time when we got to Emeryville, but we were at a crawl through Oakland, Fremont and across the pre-Alviso salt marsh, and then stopped for almost half an hour on the marsh, waiting for the okay to enter lavish Alviso. Resulting in 45 minutes of needless, frustrating lateness.

Good news: spectacular scenery through the mountains of Southern Oregon & NorCal. Bad news: this trip was final proof that I cannot fall asleep in Amtrak's coach seating.

Got home around noon, showered, changed, took care of the cats' food, water & litterbox, cleaned up four Pumpkin barfs from earlier in the week. Petted both cats copiously. Downloaded 500+ photos from the camera to the PC. Updated Quicken. Post Office, got my vacation hold mail. Had lunch at a new place, probably Greek. Good dolmas, not so good main course. Came in to work, caught up on lots of last week's missed fun & games.

More later.

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