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At least my local congresscritter is voting the right way

Dear Howard,

Because you have written to me about the war in Iraq, I thought it was important to let you know that I once again voted against funding for the war.actually twice this year.

On May 15, 2008, there were three amendments to the Iraq/Afghanistan Supplemental Appropriations bill which included 1) funding for the war, 2) a redeployment plan, and

3) funding for domestic programs.

o I voted against funding for the war in the first amendment.

o I voted for the redeployment of our troops.

o I voted for critical domestic spending.

The first amendment provided $96.6 billion for Fiscal Year 2008 and $65.9 billion for Fiscal Year 2009. Totaling $162.5 billion, this would have accounted for almost 90% of the discretionary spending with no timetable for withdrawal attached.

The second amendment required the Administration to begin redeployment 30 days after enactment. It also required specific authorization by Congress for any agreement between the U.S. and the government of Iraq committing U.S. forces, and ensured the troops would have the equipment they needed to be "combat ready" before they are deployed to Iraq. Finally, the amendment prohibited the establishment of permanent bases in Iraq and specifically prohibited interrogation techniques not authorized in the Army Field Manual.

The third amendment dealt with critical domestic issues, including the extension of unemployment benefits, expanded veterans' educational benefits to cover a full, four-year college education, as well as provisions to postpone the implementation of seven new damaging Medicaid regulations backed by the Bush administration. (I'm enclosing a copy of my statement in support of the second and third amendments.)


Most recently, the House considered a similar war funding bill on June 19th, this time with two amendments. Once again, I voted against the provisions which provided funding for the war and no timetable for withdrawal, but unfortunately, the war funding passed by a vote of 265 to 155. I again voted for the amendment which provided more focused spending on essential domestic programs. This provision greatly expands the much needed GI bill, adds a 13 week extension for those receiving unemployment insurance, and provides critical funding to aide victims of the flood-ravaged areas in the Midwest. I'm pleased the amendment passed by a vote of 416 to 12.

I voted against the war resolution five years ago and have fought to end it ever since. Too many lives have been lost and damaged, our international reputation is at an all-time low and our nation's ability to address other important issues including healthcare, infrastructure, education, Medicare and Social Security have been hindered. For these reasons I will continue to vote against any funding for the war unless it is tied to a timetable for the safe and honorable withdrawal of our troops.

Should you have any questions or comments, let me hear from you.


Anna G. Eshoo
Member of Congress

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