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Raise your hand if you know that Barak Obama's mother's first name was Stanley. She was born Stanley Ann Dunham. I wonder if the McCain campaign will make anything of that?

It's been very busy at work, we're up against a difficult deadline during vacation season, and I spent a couple of days trying to set up some tests on ad insertion without quite having the machines available that I needed. Finally got it all together today, and cranked out a bunch of useful work.

To add to the fun, IT gave me a desktop machine with the Motorola official image on it, which little by little I am transferring my files and apps to from my non-Moto machine. Whoever designed the image did a whack job. Partitioned the disk and put the program files folder in the smaller partition, hiding the much smaller personal settings files on the larger data partition in a very non-standard subdirectory.  In other idiocy, the fellow who runs our test lab says we need to take a Moto class on chemical hazards, soldering safety and emergency procedures to qualify for ISO 2000 certification. Total BS. We are not a lab in the sense of the ISO requirements, we are a video equipment test facility. We have no chemicals, do no soldering or repair work, and the only emergency procedure we need is to dial "9" before dialing 911. The whole course is targeted at repair labs in remote locations, which is not us. Grrrrrrr.

I am out of bananas and salad fixings. On purpose, because I was going to be away for a week. I will remedy that tomorrow, just after I get my nails done, buy some litterbox liners and kitty litter, and before I buy some whipped cream for Domino. Every time I open the fridge she is there, hoping it is whipped cream time. Stupid cat has not figured out that she gets one squirt of whipped cream a day, when I have dessert after dinner. Pumpkin, who doesn't like any treat I try to give him, yells at me to give him something when he sees the whipped cream can. Sometimes I can get him to eat a dental "treat", sometimes he just rolls it around and walks away. One of them eventually eats it, because it is usually gone by morning.

Moto is having a one-day photo contest. The photo needs to be taken Sunday, and all it has to be is "something in your world". It will be a promo for their new half-camera/half-cell-phone. I'm planning on pumping up the tires on the bicycle and riding to Shoreline Park. The kite flying area ought to be good for that kind of picture.

Reloaded my Starbucks card online, then went to Starbucks. The $ was already there when I paid for my frapp.

Lyric Theater is doing Camelot next year. They started life as the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of San Jose, but even after the name change they stuck to G&S and G&S period pieces till  this season, when they broke with tradition and did 1776. I don't like the move. Much as I love Camel-snot, it's a musical and not an operetta, the difference being the quality of the music and the voices needed to sing it. I have to ramp it up a notch to sing G&S compared to any standard musical. And there's a part of my ego which jumps for joy that I can hold my own. I played King Arthur in Camelot when I was in my 20's, it was my second musical. Sadly, the only parts I can play now are King Pellinore and Merlin, both non-singing roles. Harumph.

In small world news, it looks like the woman who played my wife in Man of La Mancha may be related to me. Her maiden name, which I did not know until this week, is the same as my cousins in London, and her ancestors from that side of the family came to America via England, from about the same part of the world, and had the same ethnicity as my cousins' ancestors. I've emailed the particulars to my London family and we'll see what they say.

Saratoga Drama Group is changing its name, probably at next month's annual meeting. The list of most likely choices does not include the name Saratoga in any of them. I'll be suggesting Saratoga Musical Theater or something like it. They only perform in Saratoga, in the theater used for city council meetings, and I feel strongly they ought to identify with the city in which they are located. Most of the suggestions so far are much too broad - Silicon Valley Stage, South Bay Musical Theater, Northern California Musical Theater, Broadway South Bay, etc. Give me a break, people. 

Received PR1 from SiliCon 2008, and see nothing about an art show. However I did go online and run their spiffy program to suggest myself as a panelist. Even uploaded a photo. I suggested a panel on community theater as a logical next step for fans - we have costumes and role playing, techie stuff and sometimes special effects. And a basic panel on fan photography, with a discussion of digital camera recommendations. And I also offered to be Token Atheist.  I want to be on a panel just to be clever and witty and tell bad puns.

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