Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Done dood it

It took me till 2:30 to get out of the house, but I did manage to pump up the bike tires, lube the chain, and pedal my butt the 2.3 miles to Shoreline Park's kite flying area. My thighs did not enjoy this at all. Sat on a bench looking for photos to take, but nothing I snapped was worth entering in the contest. Back on the bike, I rode to the main parking lot, then down to the pirate ship playground, and again nothing. I pulled off the trail to avoid being hit by kiddies too small to control their bike but too big to not feel it when they collided, and saw The Photo. Sitting on the ground under a tree at the top of a hill  overlooking the lake, with sailboats and windsurfers behind him, was the profile of a man with an open laptop on his lap. I took about a dozen shots, portrait and landscape, zoomed in and zoomed out, with various water craft passing by. One of them will be my contest entry.

Parked on a bench and read for a bit, then rode back to the lake house, parked on the lawn and read some more, decided I wasn't hungry enough to duck into the cafe, and rode back to the kite area. Still nothing leaping out at me for photos, so I rode home. Cones were already out for an event at the amphitheater, but I don't see anything in Metro about it. One major piece of fail is the amphitheater does not have a reader board which can be read from Shoreline Blvd or Amphitheater Parkway. They are missing out on some good advertising there. I suppose I could ask someone, but I'm a man...

Cooled off at home with the felines, total bike trip was just short of 8 miles. Now I'm back near Shoreline at Pear Ave Starbucks. In a couple of minutes I'll shut down the laptop and read a book.

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