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Who put the kick me sign on my back?

Stopped off at the PO this morning and now have my ULC photo ID. They charge a lot for it, but it's very pretty and I think worth full price.

Busy at work with a complicated project (wrapped up my part of it, need to ask boss if I can get back to my regularly scheduled program), and also making my Moto-issued PC as useful as the one Terayon gave me a year ago. Moto is still using XP SP2, IE 6, and an arcane pseudo-secure disk partition scheme which only makes it harder for applications to find their data and configs. Kicking myself because last night I loaded a USB drive with my fave ftp and photo viewer apps, and emailed the latest Motorola Phone Tools (IMHO the best all-around app for Moto cell phones) and emailed the license keys.

Turns out the licenses I emailed did not match the versions of the apps I brought with me, and Moto's exchange server blocked and sent the phone tools zip file to the PC equivalent of /dev/null. So back to the drawing board.

Sent a bunch of potential Match Game questions to kevin_standlee, he says he may be able to use a couple. Cons have always conspired to schedule this when I'm elsewhere (I did catch about 5 minutes of one of the first ones when it was in the Doubletree's upstairs foyer by the elevator, but that's it). This time it will be in Las Vegas, and I won't be.

San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions has launched a San Jose bid for Westercon 64 in 2011 headed by Glenn Glazer. I'm tempted to launch a joke bid for Humptulips, WA, but maybe I'll have that for a worldcon. For those of you unfamiliar with Humptulips, it used to be a small farming town but in 2000 it was listed as merely a "census area", unincorporated Grays Harbor County. In the area there is a  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hatchery, but no hotels, motels or other convention facilities. The theme of my con would be "So long, and thanks for all the fish". But I will definitely help with the SFSFC bid and (hopefully) con.

Still waffling about going to Denvention.

Tonight: Going to TheatreWorks with a friend who has a pair of seasomn tickets she bought together with someone who can't be there. It's a musical called Snapshots and has something to do, I think, with relationships. Ought to be interesting. It's at Mountain View - the last time I went to an MVPAC TW production was Once on This Island, and I kind of got Lita (the conductor) in trouble for chatting too long during the intermission. I wonder what ever happened to her - for the longest time in the 80's she was their resident music director, and by far the finest one I ever worked with.

When I get home from the show, will probably transfer a friend of a friend's web site from one host to another.

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