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Yesterday I blew two fuses in the car, the one which powers the auxiliary 12v outlet and the one which powers tha main 12v outlet, radio and dashboard clock. The owner's manual shows where the fuse box is conveniently located just under the dash, but in reality there is no fuse box there, just the plug for the computer diagnostics. I could not find anything online to help me locate the fuse box, so this morning on my way to work I took it in to Toyota of Sunnyvale, and they said they would  fix it in less than half an hour free, under warranty. The paperwork guy said he had no idea where the fuse box is located.

Just as I was emailing work to say I would be late, they were done. I still don't know where the fuse box is. Maybe by the time the warranty runs out they will have it documented correctly somewhere. Meanwhile, it strikes me as bizarre that I have to bring the car in to change what is probably its most commonly blown fuse. 

I need to make instant pudding tonight. I have two half gallons of milk in the fridge just for that purpose (I don't generally drink milk). The last time I bought milk for something, it was curdled and turning green before I remembered why I bought it. Smelled bad, too.

I think it's time to bring Pumpkin in for a check up. Maybe along with the dental cleaning. He's been barfing almost daily, despite the food being hi quality anti-hairball stuff.


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