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Nastygram forthcoming

Yesterday Toyota of Sunnyvale had the simple job of replacing two fuses in the under-dash fuse box. I was out the door in less than 30 minutes. But when i got home last night, I saw on the paperwork they had only replaced one fuse. Sure enough the console outlet was still dead.

This morning I brought the car back and asked them to replace the other fuse. Instead of writing "replace fuse for console 12v power outlet" the cretin Service Advisor, one Billy Martin, wrote on the ticket:

An hour and a half later the work was not done, Billy was nowhere to be found, he didn't even answer his cell phone. Two other service advisors, Craig and Glenn (who appears to be a manager) helped, but but took 15 more minutes before I was out the door with both fuses replaced.

The cretin technician who performed the repair wrote on the final paperwork that there were "a lot of after-market add-ons" which may have contributed to the fuse blowing. Idiot. There's a car alarm and a radio, both professionally installed on circuits which are nowhere near the fuse in question.

Billy did manage to turn bright red when I told him to shut up and listen to me, and described what he didn't listen to the first time. I had seen no power coming from my cell phone charger, which was plugged into the console outlet. When I plugged it into the dashboard outlet, it blew the fuse. Logic says the defective charger blew two fuses, and the first step in any repair was to simply replace the fuses. He mumbled something about "when a car is brought back for the same repair", but I threw that back in his face with "you only performed half the repair. I was bringing it back for the other half."

It should have been 10 minutes, max. Considering how they muffed it the first time, they should have moved me to the front of the line this time.

So I will be writing a nastygram to their service manager. I wouldn't usually bother, but most of the time they do excellent work, and it's a beautiful facility with mostly excellent staff. I suspect they will listen to a customer complaint.


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