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Lazy Day - I spent a lot of it naked

...because I could. Once again, puttered around the computer, also vacuumed the stairs, repaired the little stair cleaner attachment (yes, in that order - don't ask), got dressed to change the litterbox (which is located on the balcony, where I am in very public view) then visited Cupertino Center, formerly Valco, where Penny's had all their recliners on sale for half price, which means they now only cost 4x as much as they are worth. They had quite an impressive variety, but all of them had one show-stopper in common: they all have backs which tilt backward. So stooopid. What is the point of having a recliner which is already reclined? What I'm looking for is simple - a chair which has a tall straight back, which can be made to recline backward, preferably in two increments, and preferably with a built-in foot rest which pops out when the chair reclines. Walked across the mall to Todai, had lunch. Mistake. They charge $5 more on weekends, which used to make sense because they added lobster on weekends, but they don't anymore. The food had definitely gone downhill. Fewer varieties of fish, more bogus types of sushi rolls made with inferior seaweed, less variety of hot dishes, and so on. My waiter, a handsome young man named Chris, was very solicitous, to the point of being annoying. He was trying to do his job well, but since I was the only person in his whole section, he tried too hard, too often. With the melt down of the mall, Todai is no longer the lines around the block place it used to be.  

Went to Saratoga because they have a Thomasville showroom there, stopped off for a massage first. A very lovely woman named Shawn Sweeney showed me around Thomasville, but again, while they had a wide selection of reasonably-priced recliners, none of them start with a straight back, and few had a tall enough back for Pumpkin to not be in the way when I lean back.

Needed to stop in at Office Max in the same shopping center, on the way ran into a furniture consignment store. Wow. Great prices, lots of beautiful affordable stuff. If I ever buy the Hearst Castle, this is where I will go to re-furnish it. I was tempted to buy a "home theater chair" which is a non-recliner but very comfy with cup holders built into the arm rests. No straight back, though. They have a store in MV, I'll hit that tomorrow.

Home, popped Catch Me If You Can into the DVD player, watched half of it while doing the laundry, stopped to put the laundry away, will finish the movie tomorrow, maybe. I mostly got it to see Amy Adams. I am not a fan of Mr. DiC, and while I admire Walken's acting and dancing skills, I hate the character he plays.

Furniture consignment store
Dim Sum with a friend
Earthquake hike with my Peace Corps group
Maybe see a movie - there are sure a lot of them to choose from this week. Poll time. Which movie should I see?

Which movie do you think I will enjoy most from this list?

Indiana Jones 4
You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Kit Kittridge
Get Smart
The Love Guru
Incredible Hulk
Sex and the City
The Happening
Exorcist: The Beginning
Something else which I'll put in comments

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