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Two quick reviews

Finished Terry Pratchett's Discworld intro book, The Color of Magic and it did for me what I needed it to, told me what Discworld is, and showed me why his later books in the series completely ignore the original concept - because it is mostly stupid and incredibly unwieldy. As the first in a long series, I did not expect perfection, so I was not disappointed. Bottom line - just barely worth reading.

Since it was a dead heat in the not very well attended movie poll, I went with Wanted tonight. There was a lot of killing and blood and high speed chases and crashes and explosions, but not a lot of fire. They needed more burning, IMHO. On the plus side, Angelina Jolie naked, a twisty ending, some excellent cinematography here and there, and a couple of good nerd-gets-revenge moments. On the minus side, excruciatingly horrible score, some incredibly lame special effects involving fake rats, silver bullets and sides of pork; totally useless title, Angelina Jolie only naked from the back, very tattooed, for a mere 10 seconds (I counted); Morgan Freeman in the most boring role of his career, not a single memorable line in a brain-dead script, and plot holes you could drive a garbage truck filled with peanut butter coated rats through (and they did).  In short, great mindless entertainment. I have one serious comment for the producers - when you manage to put together 90 minutes of action film without a single naughty word, it's really rude, stupid and inane to pepper the last five minutes with the F word. The final line of the movie certainly did not need it.

So what else did I do today? Changed the litterbox, went to the MV furniture consignment store at 11 but it was closed, and they did not have their hours posted. Had dim sum with Janice, watched some more of Catch Me If You Can, went to Petsmart to get a female betta and a small piece of cat furniture. Called the consignment store and found out they open at noon Sundays so I went back and walked through the place. Friendly staff, lots of stuff - they took over the old Ace Hardware store next to Smart & Final and Walgreen's on El Camino & Grant. I almost went for a burnt orange stuffed chair & ottoman, but it was too big and difficult to sit upright in. As in the Saratoga store, lots of neat stuff which I will buy when I acquire Hearst Castle. Drove to Alpine Inn , which I have not been to in ages, and met up with a group of Peace Corps alumni. Home, finished Catch Me If You Can, checked email and went to the movies.

Tomorrow: work, Post office, BASFA, talk to my dad to find out why mom thinks his computer is dead.

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