Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short Lull

At 4 I have a demo to give in the lab for some of the engineers. Fun stuff, showing what happens in our video decoder box when it receives an alert from the Emergency Broadcast System. You would not believe how many flavors of alerts there are, and how much tweaking your local cable station can do to them. I've tweaked the Winter Storm Warning and the Volcano Alert for purposes of the test.  The alert will show they are for all Bay Area counties.

Went to the next-to-nearest PO at lunchtime because it's usually the least crowded, but was in line for 20 minutes thanks to one window being dedicated to a long line of passport applicants. Must be summer.

It is way too hot out there. 97° coming back from the PO according to the car's read-out. Humid, too.

Nothing on for tonight, may go to a photographer's meetup in Campbell tomorrow night.

cadhla raised some issues around "how well do you really know your LJ friends" which has a long list of fascinating replies. I added the obligatory Old Fart post. Forgot to segue to the John Prine song Donald and Lydia about long distance telephone romance.

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