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Nastygram, The Sequel

One of the minions at Toyota of Sunnyvale called my cell phone while I was at work, asking for the VIN number of my car. "We have it one number off", she said. She apparently thought I was with my car still on the the premises. I told her I was not near my car and not likely to be near my car until after work. She asked me to call next time I was near the VIN number, and hung up.

A couple of hours later, the cretin who messed up my repair job the first time, and who had written down the wrong VIN number left a message on my cell phone telling me "that was some letter you wrote" and asking me to "do him a small favor" and phone him on his cell and leave a message with the VIN number, so he can file the warranty repair claim, and to remember to speak clearly and slowly.

No way, Jose. The car was in your shop twice, you should have checked its warranty status before you worked on it, which meant entering the VIN number into the warranty database system. For all I care you can pay for your mistake out of your unearned salary. Not that he will, since I can think of six different perfectly legal ways for a car dealership to find out the VIN number of a vehicle which has been brought in for a warranty repair.

The only conversation I want to have with this bozo is him telling me how to access the under-dash fuses. If he calls and catches me in person, I'll rip him a new one.

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