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48 Hours Again

Been finding my channel surfboard running aground on the show 48 Hours. This is a program which focuses on two homicide cases, flipping back and forth between the two (for no real reason other than to accommodate the ADD viewers), and the title stems from the theory, which they disprove time after time, that if a murderer is not caught within 48 hours of committing the crime, chances are slim that  he/she/it will ever be caught & convicted.

It's a well-produced show. Excellent production values, they make an effort to protect the innocent and have amazing cooperation from the detectives. Tonight's adventures were in Cincinnati and Miami. One thing they had in common which freaks me out is nobody is read their rights, and suspects are treated as guilty. In Cincy, they have a black 17-year-old being browbeat by two white middle-aged detectives who think of themselves as surrogate father figures. The kid should be in Juvenile custody, he should have a lawyer in the room with him, and the detectives should be looking for evidence - they had none at all - instead of trying to obtain an illegal confession. All they had to link this kid to the case was his name was given by a guy who was shot running from the scene, who another witness identified as "not the shooter". The other witness had no idea who the shooter was. They had no gun, no fingerprints, no nothing, yet they were totally convinced they had the right person. And this was a month after the murder - in 48 hours they had nothing.

The Miami cops also had no evidence, but they did have the husband of the victim caught telling the truth about being in Georgia at the time of the shooting. He was on a military base in Georgia, and his alibi was confirmed by the officer of the day. They went to Georgia to interview a woman in prison who claimed she was the husband's lover. I don't see why they wasted taxpayer $$ on a junket to GA when they could have asked local detectives to conduct that interview. It did bring them closer to suspecting the husband of *something*, but there was no evidence - only the victim's prints were on the car she was found shot in, there was no gun found, no witnesses.

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