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Work today started with a mystery but became a total win, thanks to a hint from the nice woman who wrote the doc on ad insertion servers. I'm going to pack it in Real Soon Now because my test machine is happily cranking away with 8 HD programs which are interrupted 24 times an hour by HD advertisements. The test needs to run all weekend, and since this is my only machine I don't have much else I can do except paperwork, of which there is none.

I'll take Central, which should get me to Palo Alto just in time for free parking at the lot next to Dragon Theater, and plenty of time to stroll down University, find dinner and stroll back to the theater.

Looks like the new camera will arrive Tuesday. I'm pretty sure I have a 1GB CF card somewhere in case the 8GB ones I ordered don't arrive before the camera does. Been reading more reviews of the D300, it looks like a good choice. Will have a D80 for sale soon. Body + battery + charger + 8GB SD card, I think. Maybe a 28-200mm zoom lens too, maybe. If you're interested, let me know.

Would have liked to join bovil and co. for Udon in Japantown Sunday, but have a Saratoga Drama Group shindig that afternoon. I wonder if there's one at the temple in Mountain View this weekend. Nah, I think I'm going to Santa Cruz tomorrow. I forgot to email/call my cousin to see if she will be around, but can do that when I get there. Advanced notice is for sissies.

It has cooled down to 77°.

Looks like I will need to take my Col. Sanders suit to be let out. I don't fit in it anymore, and I think I'll need it for Denvention.


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