Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Working from Home

I need to be at the apartment for most of today, went into work for the weekly staff meeting, then came home, set up the laptop on the upstairs balcony and am able to actually work from home now that my work PC is on Moto's network, so I can remote desktop to it using their rather archaic VNC app. The only thing I can't do is see the monitors in the lab or check video quality through VLC (bandwidth is too low and RDP reduces the color map too much). Also have to use the laptop because Moto's VNC doesn't work on Vista, which is what my main PC is on.

Balcony is next to the bedroom, the cats have been mixing it up, sometimes on the bed sometimes on the carpet. If I go downstairs Domino will follow but Pumpkin may or may not.

It's breezy out here today, and though the thermometer says 71 it feels more like 65. Brrr.

I've put greatly reduced video clips from Man of La Mancha on my web site, but they don't show up in Vista, so I'm going to redo all the video clip pages to embed the video. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. I'm also thinking about nuking the modem-quality clips since they are ugly and obsolete.

Managed two chores: mopped the kitchen floor and loaded the dishwasher.

Back to work

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