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Obama NYer Drama

One reason I'm glad I left the news business is instead of reporting the news, the media spends a huge chunk of time reporting on the media. The current idiotic, totally media-manufactured flap about the front page of the New Yorker is this kind of crap at its worst.

The purpose of the cover cartoon is clear to anyone whose IQ is greater than his shoe size: It takes all the unfounded rumors about the Obamas and puts them in one concise image. The first thing I thought when I saw the cover was "what a poorly drawn cartoon!" From the point of view of art, it sucks. But from the point of view of commentary, it's not bad. It says "people are idiots to believe everything they hear"

Wolf Blitzer, who knows better but is paid megabucks to ignore that fact, wasted something like half an hour on his Situation Report, trying to browbeat the New Yorker editor. It didn't work.  The editor reminded Wolf that context is important.

It's satire. What the pundits missed is the satire is aimed at them.

I'm not going to waste an more time on this non-issue.

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