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Size Matters

Back when I took pictures for a living, we had a physical limit of about 40 images because of the size of a film cannister. We rolled our own, re-using the cannisters dozens of times. Since this was the newspaper biz, and we did not wait till we had finished the roll, on small assignments we might only roll 8 or 10 frames' worth, so we wouldn't be wasting film & chemicals to develop them.

Last night I popped an 8GB memory chip into my new 12Mp camera, and looked at the frame counter, dismayed that I can only shoot half as many frames as I could with the same amount of memory in my older, 10Mp camera. Only 743 shots per chip! And then I remembered the days when a standard roll was 36 or 24 frames. And you had to buy a new roll each time.

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