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So far so good

Picked Pumpkin up from the vet's after work last night, got a nice hug from farmount who gave me an interesting suggestion about his barf problem. She said maybe he's eating too fast, and I said there's a dominance thing between him and Domino at the food bowl. She suggested putting out a second food bowl upstairs on the theory that maybe one of them will scoot to the second bowl if the other is hogging the first one.

Pumpkin was silent on the way home, not quite over the anesthetic. When it was time to let him eat again, I put the food tower in its usual place in the dining room, then filled another bowl with food and cheated a bit - put it in the livingroom next to Domino's favorite scratching post. Domino followed it and started chomping food, but within a minute Pumpkin came over and parked himself in his usual "You gonna eat that?" pose, and intimidated Domino away from the food bowl and took over the eating duties. Domino did not go back to the first bowl, she curled up on her mat by the door. I'll put the second dish upstairs near where Domino hangs out in the bedroom and see if that makes a difference.

Pumpkin is still a bit slowed down from the anesthetic, it usually takes him three days to come back to 100%, so I'm not worried. He hasn't been sick and has been eating, drinking and using the litter box.

This morning was Rep. Anna Eshoo's town hall meeting in Sunnyvale, and as usual well worth attending. The crowd was very sparse, maybe only 150 people, but chalk that up to very short notice, and everyone being real tired of politics what with the 4-year presidential campaign which came down to personalities instead of issues. Anna takes question cards from the audience, and spent from 9:15 to 10:45 reading and answering the questions. She usually tried to find the person in the audience and answer directly to the person, and she was open to the person filling in more information if it was needed. I gave her a question on the overkill digital converter box coupon campaign, and she did a great job of answering it from the point of view of someone on the telecom committee. It was the wrong answer, but only because the committee's data is wrong. The data being provided, of course, by companies which make the converter boxes.

She's an excellent rep, and takes the word "representative" seriously. One thing which impressed me is she pointed out every Sunnyvale city council member, and a couple of other local board members and thanked them for their public service.

She did mention one issue she supports which I think needs to be nipped in the bud. Freshman rep Jackie Speer, who is from a neighboring district, is putting up a bill to reduce the speed limit on federally-funded roads to 60 mph. The theory is it will save gasoline. It may do that in the urban communities, but it won't help on long distance drives. Last summer I drove from here to Seattle and back, with one stop each way, basically two 9-hour legs. With a warmed-up engine, the car got 44 mpg at 75 mph. Normal commuting, which is with a cold engine, the car got 33 mpg at 65 mph. For me 9 hours is pushing it. I had made the same trip back when Oregon and Washington had 50 and 55 mph limits, and got worse mileage because I had to stop overnight twice, which cooled the car down. I'd also argue that fewer hours on the road is a good thing.

I don't buy the global warming story, but I do agree that the time to develop alternate fuels is 20 years ago.

Home, had lunch, am off to the consignment store and maybe PenSFA before the Peace Corps gathering.

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