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Went shopping for a recliner, the consignment store didn't have anything even close to what I wanted. Fewer items than last week. So I went to LaZboy, made the mistake of taking El Camino, which was even slower than usual, lots of people who had no idea where they were going. The delay and shopping time (more on that later) meant I missed being able to get to PenSFA with enough time to also get to my Peace Corps dinner. Then I went to Kabul restaurant, where the dinner was supposed to be, got there right at 7, on time, and nobody was there. So here I am at the closest wifi connection discovering that the Kabul they are at is in San Carlos.

So out of 3 things on my list today, I only got to one of them. Boo hiss.

The recliner I bought was a new model which has a higher seat than the rest of them, and the combination of that and it being a rocker makes it very easy to get out of. I can't remember the model name, will insert a photo when I get home and look a the paperwork. I liked the salesman's style. Middle aged white guy, I had asked for his card when I took a quick look on my lunch hour earlier in the week, and asked for him again. I asked him a barrage of questions and received some good answers. Everything in the showroom is in stock, probably in all the available colors. They will pick up my trade-in (I get $100 for it but delivery costs $90). For another $25 they will pick up and dispose of my two trashed recliners out on the patio. All models come in rocker and non-rocker versions, the non-rocker is $40 extra because it has a metal base instead of wood, and it has gravity-controlled action in addition to the funky lever. After all the q's, he left me to browse, and kept an eye out, coming over a couple of times to explain some of the hidden features and warranty coverage. Very low pressure. When I was ready to buy, he got the paperwork started and handed me over to their friendly admin, who really was friendly and efficient and they should all be like that. They'll do the delivery/pickup next Saturday, probably in the morning. They will call to tell me the 3-hour window. Excellent, because I really don't want to be waiting at home on a work day.

edit add: this is the one I bought, except it's deep blue fabric.

I did make up a little bit for the undone things by buying a new skylight filter and non-slip shoulder strap for the D300. Oh yeah, I changed the litterbox this morning.

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