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Just Horrible

The doctor formerly known as Doogie turns out to be a superb singer. Whoda thunkit? Production values are amazing. How many Whedons does it take to create a musical? Three, apparently.

Watched all three episodes, am now well entertained. I have to say I did not like the ending, but the ending of Serenity kinda telegraphed this ending. Not having seen the ending (or any part) of the Buffy movie, I don't know if it also followed the trend.

Did not think making the evil chorus into a trio of cowpokes was effective. Not at all. They did not even wear black hats. Doesn't Joss know there's a Code™ about these things? At least nobody spoke Chinese.

Loved the laundromat scenes. Doogie and signature chaser had the makings of a romance. By the end of the frozen yogurt scene I wanted to be the mother of her babies. I Thought Hammer Man's speech at the homeless shelter was stupid in a juvenile way where it would have worked better for me being stupid in an adult way. Nate needs to learn how to cry convincingly.

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