Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Exhausting Sunday

Stayed up way late Saturday night, reading and watching the Discovery Channel's series called Moon Machines which spends an hour each on the story of parts of the Apollo spacecraft. Fascinating stuff, lots of insider interviews and information which we would have crapped our national pants had we known at the time.

Sunday was a late start, and something bovil said on his LJ tripped a wire in my brain, so even though I had a bicycling date which it would probably make me late for, I hunted around the apartment for the little wireless remote for my D70/D80 to see if it worked with the D300. There did not seem to be a control on the D300 to enable the wireless as there is on the D70/80 cameras, and there was nothing in the manual for wireless remotes, just for wired ones.

Found it in the small canvas camera bag I rarely use. It did not work. A web search showed that the D300 doesn't have an IR sensor, which is why. But for only $160 I could buy an IR sensor which plugged into the remote's wired connection, and mounts to the flash holder. Idiotic design. kludgey, way over-priced. Boo hiss.

Turns out I was only 5 minutes late for the bike ride. We started out at Shoreline Park's parking lot by the lake, and I am still amazed we made it through the whole trip. 4.5 miles across the dikes to Ming's on Embarcadero in Palo Alto, where we had dim sum lunch and then biked back. We had to stop a few times, and averaged about 7 mph, but a lot of that is the head winds were very strong, probably 30 mph, and we only had the wind at our backs for maybe a mile of the trip.

We played for an hour on her home PC, and finally established that her DSL link to Earthlink was dead. What had fooled her is a neighbor has a router which still has the default wireless network name "Linksys" and she has a Linksys router, but I reminded her we had renamed hers with her initials, so her laptop was able to get onto the internet because she was stealing a neighbor's signal.

Home, changed, took a half-hour lie-down, then back into the car and over the hill to cousin Renee in Santa Cruz. She loved the NBA championship T-shirt I gave her (she is a die-hard Celtics fan and will be moving to Boston next year). We ate at a place called Indian Sitar on Pacific Garden Mall. Very good food, so-so service, stupid table layout, many inconsiderate parents parking strollers where we needed to be sitting.

Back over the hill around 10 pm, did the minimum of email and LJ, and crashed.

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