Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

We do more by ?? am than you do all day

Remember that ad for the US Army? Replace the ?? with 10 and you have my day so far. Without boring you with geeky details, I filed two bugs by 10 am, both of which required a buncha re-testing and gathering/analyzing log files. And now I'm reading the final draft of one of the release documents, happy to see some suggestions I made for cleaning up the English are in there.
Spent some more time last night looking into my Asia vacation. I've painted myself into a corner by needing to be in NE Thailand a week after my vacation starts. Also surprised to find that it's 25% cheaper to fly round trip to Bangkok than to Manila, even though Bangkok is two hours further away. As far as transportation goes, I know I can get to Angkor and Saigon overland easily from NE Thailand, but I'm not sure about visas for Americans who are not arriving by air. Anyway, still juggling options, and must not forget that World Travelers don't need no stinkin' reservations.

The laptop attache case arrived last night, and I was surprised that I was able to fit almost all the things I wanted. Some work with a seam ripper was required (I don't need two pen holders, I need space to hold two USB plug-ins - bluetooth and wireless mouse). Now that my cell phone works like a modem I don't need the phone cords or adapters. My folding headset fits, but it's awkward, so I may shop around for a mini version. I have earbuds of course, but would like a small mike too. OTOH my mini webcam has a mike. Anywho, it's a pretty aluminum attache case with combo locks on each of the two snap-open thingies, and takes up maybe half the space the laptop bag does, which was the main purpose of this exercise.

Still waiting to hear when my recliner will be delivered tomorrow. If it's early, I'll be able to go on the S. Bay meetup photo shoot at Kelly Park's History Park. May also take my camera to the zoo on the other side of the park,Happy Hollow.

Sunday I'll go see Lyric Theater's staged reading/singing of long lost operetta Erminie at Mountain View music school.

Pumpkin has started curling up in the doggie bed I bought for him. It's just the right size, and he likes it being next to the easy chair which is where I spend most of my livingroom time.

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