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Gripe de Jour - Stoopid Pedestrians

It started on my way to the post office at lunchtime. Some idiot was walking in the bike lane, doing a poor immitation of power walking holding 2-lb weights in her hands. There's a perectly good sidewalk and it's a major thoroughfare.

Then I turned left towards downtown Mountain View. A couple come out of Tied House and wandered across the road, not paying attention to traffic coming in both directions. Tied house is in the middle of a very short block, at each corner there are stop signs and crosswalks, but these bozos decided they should just take the most direct route to their car.

At Castro street, people were crossing both with and against the light, and it took four vehicles three cycles of the light just to get across the street.

Coming into the parking lot, some guy is walking down the center of the traffic lane, ignoring the sidewalk three feet to his right.

Leaving the PO, a bunch of teenagers decided to cross as a herd, diagonally across the 4-way stop, taking up the whole intersection and holding up traffic in all directions.

Turning right, and going another two bloocks, a woman rushes out of a beauty parlor, dashes in front of me in the middle of the street and pulls her car door open just before I pass by.

The rest of the drive back to work was just the usual vehicular stupidity.

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