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Yesterday started out a little shaky, only ate about half of what I put on my plate at the hotel breakfast buffet, but at least I was up and dressed and eating. Walked to Walgreen's and picked up some immodium and ibuprofin, which I dosed myself with when I got to the con at about 11. Went to the "Living with a Writer" panel, which was my second choice - GoH reading was stupidly packed into a way too small room and even 20 minutes before start, it was SRO. Interesting panel, though. All women except for one man, most of the wives kept their maiden names and are accomplished in their own right, though only one as a writer.

Hiked up to the dealer's room/art show/exhibition area. Massive space. Did not go to the art show, but walked the dealer's section, said hi to dinogrl and was happy to hear my hookup for her with cadhla for chain saw earrings worked. They know each other, of course, just needed the reminder. Waved to Dave Clark at his Cargo Cult table. There were dozens of LOL-worthy T-shirts at various tables, lots of nice jewelry, but a real dearth of clothing. Corsets were about the only item in abundance. I was hoping to build up my pirate and renn collection, but nothing doing. As I was leaving, there were a group of people playing cards at one of the dealer's tables. That amused me. There is one table which really impressed me. Judy Peterson's FanTaminals are wood scroll saw works of art which just have to be seen to be believed. Out of Monona Wisconsin, her husband was showing me the secrets of jigsaw take-apart art. Amazing stuff. The web site seems to be down, www.fantaminals.net.

Grabbed a hot dog for late lunch at the woefully inadequate snack bar behind the Fanzine Lounge, as they were closing up at WTFBBQ 2 pm. Major grip at this con - while the site has several snack stands, only one was open, but not nearly long enough for this con. With the nearest snack venue four long blocks away (I'm not counting Bubba Gump as a viable place for a snack) this really sucks. While I'm griping, they needed shuttle bus service between the CCC, Sheraton and other con-rate hotels. I'd have paid for that.

Walked over to the Sheraton, sat in on the last bits of Bujold-based filk, then heard the three winners of the con-themed filk contest (I liked #3, didn't like the other two) and then figmo was handing me music for her stunt doubles concert. We got on stage about half an hour late, but it was a lot of fun, especially being up there with Brett Glass, whom I had not seen in ages (he lives in Laramie, WY now) and Brooke L (amazing filker). There were almost as many of us onstage as in the audience, but that was more a kudo to Lynn.

Stayed for a little more filk, then went on the safari to the con suite, which was buried in a sub-basement ballroom. Lots of comfortable seats, widely spread out, good arrangement for small group chats. I loaded up a small plate with cookies and cake-lets, and plopped down on a sofa to munch, and was soon joined by The Australian Redhead, who is still looking for a cocktail bar, her pickup de jour, and a petite hottie from Balmer named Suzanne, who let me read her palm. Took photos of them all, will post when I get home, or maybe tomorrow if I have time.

Needed post cards, so walked up to 16th street and found some in one of the many "Made in CO" stores. Walked some more looking for food, didn't find anything to suit my mood but did find a nail salon open, and since I was due for a manicure I stopped in. The owner did my nails, and as we were chatting it came out that (a) she was a refugee from Sacramento and (b) she is Thai. We chatted in Thai for the rest of the manicure, and she was just thrilled - she says there are no Thais in Denver, no Thai restaurants (at least none which taste like Thai) and she never gets to speak Thai because her husband is Vietnamese. She is half-Vietnamese, as well. We exchanged email addresses, she says she has a friend I should meet back in CA. Good job on the nails, too. 

Back to my hotel, changed into scrubs, back the Sheraton for parties. The ice cream party was excellent, chatted with a bunch of folks, one my age who has been going to worldcons since college, driving a carload of people down and sleeping in the car for his first one. Saw The Aussie Redhead again, with another beau, at the Reno party, and Suzanne was in a corner either at the Seattle party or the No Borders party, with a small crowd around her. Couldn't make my way through traffic to say hi. Went downstairs for some of Kathy's Choice filk, Kathy was having a lot of fun picking on people to sing for her. Our taste in filk is a bit different, I lack the fondness for downers which she has, but we share the sense of humor, so about half the songs were fun for me. I bailed at 1 am to make one more pass through the parties, talked to bovil a bit, and admired kproche's sexy costume. Many BASFANs on the party floor late.

Walked back to Crowne Plaza, crashed pretty much right away after checking email. Slept straight till 8:45 am, which means I must be all better now. As the day went on yesterday I was feeling better and better, now I'm back to my usual. Missing yourbob and johnnyeponymous's panel but never thought I'd be awake early enough anyway. Will head to the con in an hour or less.



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