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“Well hello, from Denver. It turns out that my check-out time at the hotel was noon but not 4:00pm which I thought so I didn't lollygag around. I packed up my box and took it downstairs and lo and behold they actually were able to let me fill out the form and do the UPS shipping straight from the lobby so I didn't have get a cab or walk with 25lbs of box 5 blocks down the UPS store so that was easy and then I walked up to the post office which is cleverly hidden in the basement of an office building of the pedestrian mall. No signage whatsoever on the outside of the building to even indicate that it's a post office. It's a pretty small post office: two people, no machines, just people, so I got postcard stamps and stamped my 30-odd post cards which I normally do on a trip.

And then went back to the hotel, finished packing, checked out and at 10:25 local time, which would be 9:25 Bay Area time, I was out and now I'm mplaying tourist with my bags packed at the hotel don't have to be back till 6pm”

Transcribed by: howeird

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