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Veep redux

Since there is no news out there, CNN and others have been spending way too much time at the Ouija board, tarot deck and crystal ball, pretending they are seriously divining who the two candidates will pick for their running mates.

McCain has it easy. Condi Rice is really his only hope. She's got it all. Black, woman, ultra-conservative, lots of executive experience at Stanford and at State Dept., very Christian, supports the war, articulate, keeps her private life (if any) private.  I can't see any other candidate holding a candle to her.

Obama can pretty much choose anyone he wants, it won't make a difference. He's a one-man show, and the same way Al Gore did nothing for Bill Clinton's campaign, Obama's VP choice will do nothing for his. And I don't think his choice can hurt him, either. Heck, he could pick John Edwards and it wouldn't hurt him, it would just give him more lemonade.

I'm still sick at heart that the Dems are going to have a rubber stamp convention. In such a close race, where the numbers are complicated by un-pledged "super delegates", there should at least be a vote on the floor. Though I wonder how many Edwards and Clinton reps will stay home. Hotels are $400 a night in Denver this week, if I was a rep and knew my candidate was hosed, I'd save the money for a real vacation.

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