Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Obama has officially lost my vote

I have nothing against Joe Biden. Obama has lost my vote by naming a running mate before he has officially been nominated. On top of his arrogant European tour and elitist Hawaiian vacation, this is just too much.

I'm a stickler for people following their own rules, which is why I don't read a lot of fantasy novels - most fantasy authors keep making up rules and exceptions to them as they go, and that's cheating. I like sci-fi because once the nature of the broken rule is established (warp drive, time machine, silicon life forms, etc.) the author stays within that framework.

The rules for Obama were simple:
1. There's an election by the delegates at the convention. No matter what the pundits and second-guessers say the vote total will be, it's not over till the delegates vote.

2. You don't get to choose a running mate until you are the official candidate.

It's called democracy. Obama apparently prefers the Chicago-style version.

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