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McCain's Choice

Smart move, naming a woman Washington outsider with executive experience. You can't get much farther outside of Washington than Alaska (Obama lost that contest when he moved to Chi-town). Being a former beauty queen doesn't hurt either. Five kids, one of whom is a poster child for pro-life, another is in the Army, bound for Iraq.  Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has only been governor since 2006, but she has taken charge with an iron fist, rooting out corruption in her own party leadership with a vengeance. Multi-talented, she played basketball in high school at a championship level, played the flute for her Miss Alaska talent competition (she was runner-up and Miss Congeniality), flies a float plane and has worked on board commercial fishing boats. She is also very Christian, a life member of the NRA and makes Mitt Romney look like an atheistic pacifist.

About the only thing missing is color. I still think McCain should have picked Condi Rice. 

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