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Phone Photo Madness

Finally got my work copy of Moto Phone Tools updated, and discovered a bunch of photos which I have been meaning to upload and post here. So here they are,
Princess Domino

She poses a lot with her legs crossed like this, I suspect it's a side effect of being polydactyl. The pillow is a silk Chinese number which is by far the fanciest in the apartment.

Product Placement

This was taken in an Asian grocery in the South Bay

Anyone Remember Nguyen Kao Ky?

Asian tea place under construction at Milpitas' Great Mall, the name is a pun on coup d'etat, the favorite regime change technique during the Vietnam war.

Impartial Observer

Domino helps my photographic efforts by monitoring the hummingbird feeder from under the tripod.

You Are What You Eat

This brand of burger was in the company break room's frozen foods vending machine when it was first installed, but has not reappeared. I wonder why?

Grandmother, is that you?

This is on the restroom doors at work. Moto's facilities people are big on subtlety. Not! The only signage they know is 8.5 x 11 with big fonts, taped to the door or wall, using too many words to say something which does not need a sign at all. CYA central. Every time I see this sign I look for a Ouija board.

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