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Obligatory Public Posting

I have been remiss in making this a regular message. Most of my journal is what LJ calls "friends-only". In my case, it's pretty close to accurate, since I consider almost everyone I have ever met to be my friend, and the vast majority of people on my friends list are people I have met. A tiny number are people I have not met, in person, but have found via a friend's LJ, and liked the things they said and the way they said them.

This is the obligatory public posting asking anyone who has met me and whom I have not "friended" and wants me to,  to leave a reply.

My memory for names is among the worst on the planet, so tell me where we met, either use an icon which shows you or include a thumbnail sized photo of yourself, and add any other clues you can think of (such as "you read my palm at Denvention3" or "You passed me the K-Y tube at the soc.singles party").

If we have not met, but you are certain we are soul mates or separated at birth or we should be the mother of each other's babies, please reply here, and I'll poke around your journal to see if I agree. It has happened, more than once.


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