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One More Try

Went to Specialties for lunch. I had gone when they first opened on Bowers off 101 about a year ago but the service was slow, and I hated the food. Slow service when the customer orders at a computer kiosk in the foyer? Ridiculous.

Same stuff, different day. With one exception, the chocolate mini-bundt cake is excellent.

It took them 20 minutes to make a sandwich. They use Italian dressing as their "special sauce" and it just does not belong on a sandwich. Focacia bread is a mistake. It would say it is the bread of the damned, but that would be giving it too much credit. It is the bread of the darned.

The place is chaos. If you place an order with humans at the counter, you get a magic vibrating/flashing coaster to zap you when your order is up. If you use the kiosk, you have to wait for them to call your number. Orders to go move to the head of the line. There is nothing posted about any of this, you just have to psychically infer it.

They do have a deal where you can order online and pick up the order from a rack by the door in 15 minutes. I may do that for bundt cake. I won't be having lunch there again.

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