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So the rest of the story from last night's go-round with Comcast.

Day before yesterday I discovered that my new Moto cabe modem/wireless gateway doesn't recognize the WEP code from my laptop. This is a deal breaker, since the Moto also does not have any hard-wired LAN ports other than the one the PC plugs into. There's no work-around to get the laptop online at home. The Moto wireless did fine with my TiVo and Palm, just not the laptop. The Laptop has no problem connecting to the last three wireless routers which were set up identically (same WEP code and everything), so it's a problem on the Moto side.

So I decided to go to my backup plan, buy a non-gateway cable modem to replace the dead D-link, and plug in the netgear wireless router which was working fine, and still connected seamlessly to the laptop. Went to Microcenter and got a Linksys CM1000.

Hooked it up, hooked up the netgear to it, everything is working fine but I need to call Comcast to have them add the MAC address of the Linksys to my account so it will get me onto the network. It's a DOCSIS 2.0 modem, it should be a no brainer.

The first rep sounds disgusted when I tell him I need the modem provisioned, like it's not his department, and he puts me on hold. After about 3 minutes the line goes dead. The next rep is more confused than disgusted, puts me on hold, then the line goes dead. The third rep I get by pushing the buttons for repair instead of "add new service" and I get a personable fellow who doesn't know what he's doing. He suggests I remove the LAN cable from the back of the PC and wiggle it while I power up the computer. I laugh. I apologize for laughing and tell him if that's ever worked for him, he was very lucky. He can't find my modem on his approved list, and he says he has to escalate the issue to sales, they will add it to my database in a day or two. Meanwhile, he says the Moto is still provisioned, it should work fine to get my PC online at least.

It took an hour for it to find the Internet, but it did start working.

Just as my head hit the pillows I got inspired, but decided to wait till morning.

This morning I plugged the PC into one of the netgear's four LAN ports, and the Moto into the netgear's "in" port, and ran the netgear's setup wizard. I expected it to take the next available IP address from the Moto, so I set it to be DHCP server for the next block of addresses in the same subnet. But no, the netgear simply bypassed the Moto DHCP, gave itself a 10.x.x.x address like the specs call for, and started serving DHCP for that subnet, starting with my PC. I didn't have time to try the laptop, I'll do that tonight.

Next week I'll call Moto support and see if they can get the laptop connected. Meanwhile I have a work-around.

Edit Add The laptop worked fine, using WEP, pointed at the SSID for the netgear. No joy at all pointed at the Moto.

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