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Comcast non-support

It's been a few days, Comcast did not get back to me about whether my Linksys cable modem had been provisioned, so I plugged it in and saw Vista thought I had an internet connection, so I fired up MSIE to go to one of my favorites. Comcast's provisioning page intercepted it, so I clicked on the "customer setup" button. 404 error. Okay, let's try the "I am a technician" button. All I needed to do was plug in my account number and push some no-brainer buttons and wait about 3 minutes, download their installer app, and I was online.

So they must have added the MAC address to my account, they just didn't bother to follow up with me.

I did have to go into MSIE and reset the home page away from comcast.net, which is possibly the busiest, noisiest, least attractive home page on the Internet.

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