Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Uptown Waste

It doesn't happen often with a mainstream film, but Uptown Girls found its way back into the Netflix envelope before it was halfway done. I got it because I'm a fan of Dakota Fanning. She's the ultimate little girl voice-over talent in Hollywood today. And she was adorable in I Am Sam.

There was nothing wrong with the acting. Dakota was perfect as the abandoned-by-her-working-high-powered-executive-parents-rich-child-from-Hell, and Brittany Murphy was the model super-rich-daughter-of-a-rock-star-who-died-an-untimely-death-and-left-it-all-to-her-but-then-finds-herself-broke-when-the-accountant-takes-the-money-and-flies-to-South-America.

The script is horrible. It is total cliche. Nothing could save it. Nothing did. Not a decent cast, good directing, excellent production values, nothing.

'nuff said.

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