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McCain and Able

Letterman caught McCain bailing on him to tape an interview with Katie C. According to Letterman, McCain said he needed to get to the airport to go to DC to fix the economy. We only have Letterman's word for this.

McCain wants to bail out of the debate, too. frankwu suggests McCain may have had a stroke (and listed several plausible symptoms) but he looked fine while they were putting on his makeup for the Couric clip.

The clip is shown at about 8:15 into the youtube video. Of course we have no way of knowing this was live or if Letterman pulled file footage for this. They are at the same network, easy for his staff to do.

Frank has a good point, though. McCain can't afford to look too weak to be Prez  until November 5. I wonder what the protocol is for RNC if McCain has to bow out for reasons of health. Does Palin move up a notch? Do they nominate one of the runners-up and keep Palin? Do they go for a whole different ticket? Anyone know?

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