Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Guarding The Feeder

Originally uploaded by how3ird.

After hauling four 20-lb. bags of kitty litter upstairs to the balcony, I was pooped, and plopped down in the chair at the far end. Domino and Pumpkin came out to join me, it was nice and breezy out there and they usually like to hang out with me. Domino likes to jump onto the litterbox cover and then to the railing, and this time she decided to lie down monorail cat style on the railing near the hummingbird feeder. As the tiny birds came around for a drink, she perked up, and went over to stand guard right under the feeder. Several hummers came by and zipped away, but a couple ignored her and perched on the feeder.

I went to get my camera, and was surprised she stayed where she was and the birds started coming back immediately.

After a while I called her over to my side of the balcony, and she came. Within a minute, there were three, four, five, six birds at the feeder.

Click on the top photo to see the set on flickr.

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