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svashtar posted about how good kids have it today - they can even buy furry costumes off the rack now. Which inspired me to write one more verse to Frank Hayes' When I Was A Boy:

When I was a boy all our costumes
Were made from old curtains and sheets
And tied on by Mom with shoe laces
To our necks and our wrists and our feets

My Superman cape was blue flannel
With Elmer's and staples to boot
Holding the famous "S" Symbol
To my sister's purloined bathing suit

And we walked 20 miles to the neighbors
Barefoot and uphill both ways
Through blizzards on All Halows evening
Back in the good old days

When Fortran was yearning for five-tran
And the Babbage was only a toy
We made costumes by moonlight and starlight
When I was a boy


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