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Listened to a little of the Palin-Palin debate on the way home, watched the last 15 minutes at home. I think they both did okay, they kept to their time allowances, the moderator didn't just let it go when one or the other didn't answer the question. Palin harped on energy way too much, often completely off-topic. I am still trying to place her accent, it isn't Alaska or Idaho. Something more Wisconsin/Minnesota, I think.** The little girl pitch annoys the hell out of me in an adult woman, usually shows a woman who needs a Daddy. Biden was so full of crap about climate change, just like Gore. Palin raised the concept of climate cycles, which impressed me.

I liked that they were friendly toward each other. I really liked the 10 minutes following the debate, when they introduced their families to each other, and to the moderator. I turned off the inane instant analysis and flipped through the channels to see that interaction. Sportsmanship is important to me.

Nutshell: They both stood their ground, they both were well-prepared, they both slipped up and they both scored points against each other. They both behaved Presidentially - which is more than I can say for their partners in the first debate.
**Got it. Lili Tomlin's telephone operator from Laugh-In. One ringy-dingy....two ringy dingys....


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