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Lines from Musicals Music Meme

These are lines from songs in musicals, Broadway and off-. Without using any reference sources other than your own memory, name the song and the musical, extra points for which character(s) sing it. Replies screened. Winner gets a cast recording highlights CD.

1. If your issue doesn't kiss you, then I wish you luck
2. To be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly made
3. Not a Lancelot, nor an angel with wings
4. As they raise their rifles higher, I'll shout "Ready, Aim, Fire!"
5. Two millionaires with a dream are we
6. Solo for the President!
7. We all take a bow, including the cow
8. There is nothing you can take, to relieve that pleasant ache
9. But my score with a feller is lower than a cellar
10. Oh I could tell you why the ocean's near the shore
11. Something familiar, something peculiar, something for everyone
12. But this is wine that's all too strange and strong
13. When you know you're heading for the jailer
14. To each his secret hiding place, where he can find the haunting face
15. I know what you are behind the makeup, the jewelry, publicity
16. Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
17. Just think of lovely things, and your heart will fly on wings
18. Kiss today goodbye, and point me toward tomorrow
19. You gave me the feeling the room had no ceiling or floor
20. Damn all the odds! This day, or never, I'll sit forever with the gods!

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