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A Boy and His Adz

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My buddy Henry snapped this photo of me (with my camera) while I was digging in the dirt out at Palo Alto Baylands Preserve this morning. About 30 people from various Motorola units around the Bay Area (from Petaluma to San Jose) joined Save The Bay and dug non-native weeds, clipped the seed tops off non-native mustard plants, plucked plastic and other garbage from the San Francisquito creek bank for about an hour and a half in 77° sunshine. It was work, but the STB leaders gave us good prep and a nice pep talk afterwards.

We were just off a bike trail that I've used a couple of times, it circumnavigates the airport and golf course, makng a loop at Embarcadero Road. Very scenic, but the crowd scared away most of the wildlife.

Click on the photo to see the rest of the set on my Flickr page.


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