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On the TiVo was this weekend's Saturday Night Live, with both Tina Fey and Sarah Palin. The similarity is so amazing I could not tell them apart even during the 6 seconds when they were on stage together. I think if someone digs through Tina's past they will find the adoption papers showing she was one of a pair of identical twins, the other went to a couple in Idaho.

Palin didn't do much on the show, but she was a good sport. SNL totally wasted their opportunity, opting to have the very pregnant Amy Poehler do a mediocre Palin rap number. They would have done better to have Palin, a former newscreature, do some of the Weekend Update news bits. They would have done even better with a Poehler-Palin skit on having a baby.

I was also kind of shocked at how rude Tina Fey was, not looking at Palin, and not coming out for the "all hands on deck" final segment. A handshake would have been a nice gesture. After all, Palin paid your rent for the rest of the year. And I'm talking about 30 Rock as much as SNL.

Obama and Biden are, of course, above all this.


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